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Stuff, stuff, and more stuff...

Oh my god, I killed Harry Potter!

Allie Story...der.
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This is a random conglomery of my stuff, writing and...well mainly writing. As of late it's been turned into a make-shift set-up for my Harry Potter fanfic. Read on in if you're interested, you should be.
No stealing my stuff.
If you read it please comment, I know some of it is either A) incredibly tacky or B) completely insane but either way, your comments can make all the difference
And lastly be polite. Constructive criticism is fine by me, but rude words and comments designed to insult, not help will A) be deleted and B) make me hate you.

Yeah, I just like the officialness of being able to make rules and such.
So...most stuff is gonna be on friend's only or whatever, so if you don't see much, just add the community!
~viele dank~