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Below are the 14 most recent journal entries recorded in Allie Story...der.'s LiveJournal:

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008
9:14 pm
9:13 pm
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Friday, September 9th, 2005
8:32 pm
Lizzie through down her spoon in exasperation. "Where is he?" she muttered, absent-mindedly mopping up the soup she'd spilled while trying to look out the window and call him at the same time. His cell phone rang once, twice, three times before it slipped out of her hand and landed right in the center of the soup bowl, sending the rest of the liquid flying up to the ceiling.
In the doorway Michael was watching with a bemused look. He could feel the presence of Jill behind him, and turned to ask, "Is she always this bad?"
Jill barely paused to glance in at her oblivious and flustered friend before responding, "No, just when Jared's in town." Michael nodded, pretending to know what that meant, but really he had no clue. Who was Jared? This was a startling change of developments. Not that he actually FELT anything for Lizzie, but still...her having a boyfriend caused his stomach to give an odd twinge. Shaking it off as lonliness, Michael left the doorway to help Lizzie stand on the chair to get tomato soup off the ceiling.
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
1:19 pm
It was freezing outside after being in the sweaty atmosphere of the bar, and Andy picked her way through the crowded sidewalks while shivering. Every restaurant on the block had just closed, kicking the remaining stragglers out. Most of them looked a little worse for wear, clutching big scarfs and hats close so only their red noses poked out. "Excuse me," a low voice rushed past her, and Andy turned to see a very familiar face.
"John!" she squealed, hugging the man behind her tightly. "You're back so soon! How are you?" Instantly she was chattering like a school girl, completely oblivious of where she was going or who she was bumping into. As always when John appeared her world melted to just him. Her friend, Ashley, who'd been patiently walking beside her, merely rolled her eyes and drifting towards the back to let the lovers catch up.
"My plane just landed, but I had to see you," John said, as always, seriously. He was such a deep person, so clever, that he rarely had time for jokes. It made Andy want to be a better person too, somebody who could deserve John. He was even dressed seriously, a gray wool coat over a black suit, his dark hair flopping over even darker eyes. Ashley sighed, he always looked like he was dressed for a funeral.
Sunday, June 12th, 2005
12:23 am
"We're nearly there," puffed Eric. Sandra giggled; he looked so stupid with his hat pulled down over his eyes and enormous earmuffs shadowing his entire head. The giggling made her feel light headed, so she quickly dropped to her butt. She still had to crane her neck to stare at the top of the mountain, but the fact that she could now see it instilled hope in her heart. They'd come such a long way...but it'd taken such a long time. It was all worth it of course; Merianlea would die if they didn't make it to the top. Sandra could still remember the first time they'd met the mysterious creature:

The sunlight dappled the water as it gently pulsed against the shore. The Fearn Sea was famous for it's strong current and high crashing tides, but now was not its time. Instead the sea was as calm as a sea could be, and a few daring sea gulls had langed safely on the crests of its waves, bobbing back and forth on the horizon. Sandra had been walking hand in hand with Eric, her new husband, as part of the traditional walk of marriage. Their wedding had been everything she could have hoped for, full of love and peace. The entire village had come to celebrate! Now it was just the two of them, their bare feet digging in to the grainy sand, with eyes only for eachother. Or so she'd thought...until a flash of silver caught Eric's attention.
"What is that?" he broke his hold on her and trotted to where the waves lapped calmly around a large lump. A green lump. As she got closer the lump lost its lumpiness, and Sandra was started to find a lovely woman lying on the beach. She had tinted green skin as if moss had once covered her body and stained it permanenetly. Her waist ended as a dark green, thicker material began. Sandra reached out a hand to feel the rough pattern chink against itself and shift. She withdrew her hand quickly...it was scales. Slowly things fell together for Sandra...the scales, the fins, the green skin. This woman was obviously a mermaid, though such a creature had seemed only to be a silly village story moments before.
Just then the woman sat up, coughing in such a horrendous way that salt and water flew out of her mouth. She gave a weak smile (revealing horribly rotting teeth) and explained in perfect English, "My gills stopped working all of a sudden...it's never happened before to me...I'd hoped I wouldn't get it..."
"Get what?" Asked Eric quickly. Sandra realized he'd had hold of the mermaid's wrist and had been checking for a pulse. It was strange how unsuprised he seemed.
"You must be Mairnie's son," the woman said. "I'm Merianlea...a niece of hers..." Sandra shook her head, Merianlea was obviously delirious, but Eric paled.
"So it's true? The curse of the mermaid's has fallen upon the colony? I suppose everyone's gills have been drying up...you must tell me quickly! Has anyone seen the wizard? He could help!" The words poured out of his mouth with a hardly a pause in between. At last Eric stopped for breath, taking it in short gasps as Sandra tried to understand what was happening. She must have made a quizzical face, because Eric turned to her and explained, "My mother was related to the fish-people..half a mermaid if i'm correct," he turned to see Merianlea nod. "There's always been a curse on the Fearn Sea. Ironically the villagers put it on us." Sandra had to think for a second before realizing that Eric was included in the "us".
"You're a...mermaid as well?" she asked in shock. The stories she'd heard before of mermaids depicted them as ugly and vile beings who thrived on eating little children and other barbaric things.
"Only part..." said Eric. He pulled off a shoe...Sandra had never seen his feet before...and she screamed as she saw the green webbing between his toes; the mark of someone related to the cursed fish-people.
"GET AWAY FROM ME!" she screamed, kicking up sand in her rush to get away from the monster who was her husband.
"Sandra..." he said in his rational voice. "I'm still Eric...the man you love. Stop this at once and think clearly for a moment. Just because I have the blood of something not considered normal by your precious villagers does not mean that I don't love you and that I'm not a good person. There are mermaids...innocent mermaids...dying because of your people. You must expect that I'm going to help."
His lecture seemed to sink in at last for Sandra; she quietly sat down again, though still sitting a comfortable distance away from her husband.
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
10:54 pm
"Lizzie...please?" he begged. He looked hopeless, as always, standing in her hallway with nothing but boxers and a joe boxer undershirt on. She tossed his pants out with him, they landed on his socks, which had holes of course, and he just stared at them. "Ple-ASE?" his voice cracked.
"It's Valentine's day...and you show up expecting sex?" Elizabeth Swiley had gotten every Valentine's day gift imaginable from all her past boyfriends, from flowers and chocolate to a hot air balloon ride and tickets to the super bowl. She hadn't expected much from Jared. She never did. He rolled out of bed and stayed looking like that way. His hair hadn't been combed in weeks, it was a bird's nest of tangled curls. His favorite denim jacket had huge holes where his elbows rubbed the fabric through. He'd never made any motions that their relationship was important to him, but she'd hoped maybe, just maybe, the spirit would strike him to make an effort. So when he'd shown up with something clutched in his hand, she'd been hoping it would be a ring...grimy from the grease of his precious car, the diamond tiny due to limited income, but hers. Her very own ring. Sure Jared wasn't exactly the marrying type...he looked like he was still in high-school, despite the fact that his mid-twenties were approaching faster than she could say "wedding". The only thing he was really clutching so close to his heart was the lovely key to his precious new car. More precious than her. "Home..." she pointed in a direction, any direction. She'd never known where exactly home was with JAred. He was always with her, at her bars, her place, he was her life. She didn't fit in to anything with him. He'd never taken her out, never told his friends about her (if he even had friends, she'd certainly never met them.)
And off he trudged, his muddy army boots dragging on the plush carpet of her apartment hallway. It wasn't until she'd shut the door, doing up the thousands of locks barricading her from the outside world, that she heard a loud THUD! and the sound of someone yelping. It took all of Elizabeth's will not to rush to the door. Finally the footsteps faded and she ran to the door, yanking it open, and into the hallway. Sure enough, in the wall next to her was a faint dent, about ankle length, the size of an army boot. She smiled...so he did care after all.
Monday, June 6th, 2005
11:54 am
I joined, Allie!!
Friday, May 6th, 2005
11:17 pm
Eowyn your heart weeps
Like dew spreads on grass.
Don't let your tears seep
Into the fading sun.
The cage has a door...
someday it will open.
Look for the soldier
Who holds the key.
Faramir will protect you
He will nurse your wounds.
Why shun the one who loves you?
11:02 pm
Legolas slept in the trees that night. He hadn't meant to, it had been awhile since he'd stayed with the Galadrhim though. He'd found himself talking to the other Elves late into the night, soaking up the companionship of his own race. When they retired, he naturally did as well, into the few straggly trees that clung to Helm's Deep's rocky foundation. The small platform Glorfindel had set up for him was shaking in the breeze, and Legolas felt his body being drawn towards the edge. Thankfully a branch kept him safe, and he awaited the dream-like state that Elves experience instead of sleep.
But he was interrupted as Haldir climbed up onto the platform also. "Ellen sila lumenn omentielvo" (a star shines on the hour of our meeting) he whispered comfortingly into Legolas' ear. Legolas leaned against Haldir's chest, feeling the soft heat of the Elf's body press against him.
"How long are you staying?" Legolas asked. He hated to ruin the moment, but had to know.
"Till the end," Haldir whispered, stroking his lover's hair gently. Legolas fell asleep without asking which end Haldir was referring to: the Battle of Helm's Deep...or the end of the world?
11:01 pm
Legolas looked more than a little worse for wear, but Haldir was not surprised. Even though he and his company had barely strained in the sudden movement from the Last Homely House to Helm’s Deep, passing scuffles with small enemies had rubbed away his usual cover. Everything he said felt raw, and he himself felt as if he would never be clean again. Granted, to any human ear, Haldir’s language still was fairer than any they’d ever heard. The men looked in awe upon the Elven army. “How are you?” Haldir asked, his flawless eyebrows knitting in concern.
“Could be better,” Legolas gave a slight grin. “And you? You look like you fought Melkor himself.”
“Hush!” Haldir silenced the younger elf. “Do not speak of such a strong evil tonight. Sauron is listening, watching, always watching. The name of the disgraced Valar would only bring his attention closer to us.” He gave a wary glance around, and then announced he needed a conference with Theoden.
All Elves knew the story of Melkor, how he’d once been a part of the Valar, the gods who had created Middle-Earth, but had fallen to disgrace from his own evil intention. Sauron was but a servant for him, just like all things bad in Middle-Earth were working for some higher force. Legolas stared in thought for a long while at the large oak door his friend had just disappeared behind.

Arwen Undomiel, Evenstar of Rivendell and Lady of Imladris had been instructed to retire to her room for the evening. It was the most severe punishment she’d ever received from her father, Elrond, Lord of Rivendell. In fact, it was the only punishment. Elf-children do not usually need reminders or punishments. Some say they are born automatically with the wisdom of the ages. She sat delicately on the wooden chair carved for her by Mirhis, her long-time friend. He’d given it to her as a going away present, for the Elves marched to war to join the humans, and he was an archer. It was now draped with a velvet cloth that was soon stained by her salty tears.
“Father…elen sila…nai…” she continued muttered phrases in Elvish barely stringing together her thoughts. How could he? He who had promised to support her? And now it was he who was sending her to the Gray Havens, with the rest of her people. Away from Rivendell. Her world. Aragorn. Elrond knew of her love for the human man, but said he had his own destiny to fulfill. “It’s too late Father…I’ve chosen the mortal life.” She clutched at her neck where the Evenstar had once hung.
Saturday, April 30th, 2005
10:48 pm
The battle of Helm's Deep was just beginning, thundrous clouds smashed against each other, creating booms that could not quite drown out the sound of the orc's roars. The women cowered in the caves, clutching their young children to their chest. Above stood Theoden, Gamling at his side, on the ramparts watching over the mutinous army of Saruman. "Where is Eowyn?" Theoden asked, referring to his beautiful, yet headstrong niece. She'd wanted to help in the battle, as always, but he'd requested she watch over the women and children instead. The pout on Eowyn's face as she left had twinged his heart but a little, and he felt concern for the young woman. Gamling frowned in response. He himself had seen her depart towards the caves, but Eowyn being Eowyn, she could have snuck back up at any moment.
Pacing up and down in the armory was not enough for the strong Dunedain. The men were weak and discouraged, dirty rumors of hopelessness were spread, leaching off of young minds and poisoning any remaining thoughts of courage. And he waited, feeling the dank, oppresing doom approach, just as the sounds of the Orc's marching broke through his thoughts. Many men started, and Legolas approached Aragorn.
"Look at them. They're frightened. I can see it in their eyes." The men fell silent, turning to look at the fair elf in their midst. "Boe a hyn: neled herain dan caer menig!" (And they should be... Three hundred against ten thousand!)Aragorn frowned at his friend's sudden despair.
"Si beriathar hyn ammaeg na ned Edoras." (They have more hope of defending themselves here than at Edoras.) He knew in his heart that the elf was right, but to get the men's spririts down even farther was just not necessary.
"Aragorn, nedin dagor hen ú-'erir... ortheri. Natha daged dhaer!" (Aragorn, they cannot win this fight. They are all going to die!) Legolas exclaimed, his voice choking on his own lush speech, for even the language of the Elves could not portray such a shadow as had fallen over his heart.
"Then I shall die as one of them!" Aragorn shouted, switching to the course speech of the Humans in his anger. By now a small circle had formed around them, abandoned swords left absently at their posts. He glared at Legolas, his brown eyes boring into the Elf's fair ones, until at last Aragorn could take no more, and marched away. Legolas went to follow, but could not, for Gimli was blocking him.
"Let him go lad, let him be." was the gruff response of the dwarf.
His heart was empty. The salty smell of the sea reached his nose, and the cry of the gulls near drove him mad. Galadriel's warning became clear, for awoken inside him was the urge to go across the sea, to the Gray Havens were his kind lived. But he could not, his fate was bound to the Ring, and until Frodo succeeded, it was his duty to fight for Middle-Earth. But it pained him. Everyone else had something to hold on to. Someone. Gimli's race of dwarves were fair and few, but if they had still been in Moria, they would have helped. Just as now they would have come to the rescue. Aragorn was with the Men, and Legolas knew that they indeed would inherit Middle-Earth ere the Fourth Age began. And Gandalf, a Maiar himself! Gandalf could count on the Valinar (blessed may they be) to protect him, they were after all not just Gods of Middle-Earth, but also more powerful versions of the old wizard. The hobbits had each other.

But Legolas was alone. He knew his kind would not answer the call. Just as the horn of Gondor had not saved Boromir from being slaughtered by Orcs, Legolas's wish would not be answered. In his mind he could hear the soft pad of the Elven footsteps. To an untrained ear it would sound like merely ten people, but really it would be an army, three hundred strong at least. Orders would be called out in Elvish as the raven haired people approached, wearing their uniforms of blue and silver. They would bear the sign of Rivendell and a slight glow would eluminate their features, even in the darkest of night. Legolas could almost see the glow, until to his surprise he realized he was not imagining it at all. Across the bridge came the light, musical sound of the Elves of Rivendell, the Last Homely House, whispering into the night. The bridge of Helm's Deep was pulled open, creaking and groaning, and the Elves marched in.

Legolas dashed down the stairs, taking them two at a time, eager to be the first to reach them. His pleasure was spoiled, even without Elven ears, King Theoden had heard them approach. Nonetheless, removing the dark blue cloak that flowed like a river came the familar fair head of a very familar elf.
Tears sprang to Legolas's eyes. They had come. His people had come. "Haldir," he breathed in a voice so low, none but Aragorn, who had suddenly reappeared next to him could hear.
"Haldir of Lorien," Aragorn said loudly. "We welcome you."
"An alliance once took place of Men and Elves." Haldir said, the former haughtiness of his voice worn off after days of travel. "We come to honor that allegiance." Legolas stood next to his friend, proud to be an elf once more.
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
8:05 pm
Ack, my last entry got deleted some how, so here's my first/second entry. Hi! This is a poem I wroter about LOTR, Aragorn Elessar and his sword (the reforged Narsil) and his destiny, etc. I like it...but nobody else really gets lotr, so I don't think many other people will.

When the end comes and the trees fall,
Will you be there to answer the call?
Will you answer, mighty hero, wise king?
And will you rise to destroy the ring?
You know this evil must be undone,
For shadows must follow the setting sun.
Don't fall back to your hooded ways
When masks and disguises haunted your days.
You know your fate, why not meet it head on?
For afterwards freedome and joy will soon spawn.
Wield the sword, so Destiny can claim,
Its rightful heir, it knows you by name.
Aragorn why do you hide your true self?
It grows dusty with age like books on a shelf.
The shores of Tinuviel grow farther away
And yet you let your true love sail towards the bay.
Aragorn, you can save your home, your people too
And with your courage, rescue the few
Who still fight for the small good left.
Aragorn Elessar you can save your world.
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